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3 Things to Always Remember About Social Media Marketing

  1. NEVER SPAM people. Post relevant, friendly content. For example: “tips and tricks” associated with your industry and target market interests, post pictures of events that your employees have attended, and ask industry relevant and fun questions.
  2. ALWAYS respond to people's comments, suggestion, and especially critiques. But don't get defensive or negative in your responses. Be positive and appreciative.

Content is Expensive

What They Don't Tell You About Content

There is a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) material out there that perhaps is "cashing in" on the get rich quick motif:

One of the most powerful steroids for your website's SEO is to get inbound links from external sites. Well, how do you do that? EASY! All you gotta do is write great content that people are attracted to and find valuable and interesting enough to share with their audience. Your content just has to be the best on the subject, and outshine all other websites centered on your very topic.

Not necessarily.

Content Marketing on the Internet

First off, content is king. Basically, your site has to look like it knows what it's talking about, well actually it has to prove that it knows what it's talking about. The more valuable content you have on your site the more valuable your site will inherently become. Google likes big sites with a lot of rich content. Content is your first step, but it should be a never ending process in maintaining your site. After your core pages, (Home – About Us – Contact Us, etc.) you should implement someway to consistently update content.

Social Marketing

Conversation is Free Marketing

Use your website to communicate with your audience, clients, friends. With blogs, forums, and continually updated content you can begin conversions that will strengthen the relationship with your clients while simultaneously adding valuable content to your site.

Easier said than done. It will take some wherewithal. But if you can stick with it, your business will be better for it. A strong community can do big things.


How Long Does Copyright Protection Last?

The term of copyright for a particular work depends on several factors, including whether it has been published, and, if so, the date of first publication. As a general rule, for works created after January 1, 1978, copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus an additional 70 years. For an anonymous work, a pseudonymous work, or a work made for hire, the copyright endures for a term of 95 years from the year of its first publication or a term of 120 years from the year of its creation, whichever expires first.

Your Juggling Act

Social Media Marketing - Spinning Red Plates - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Stagnation is death for a website. You have to look at your social media profile as your company's second website (or fourth website, as the case may be). It's a good idea to treat your Facebook profile, your Twitter account, or your Myspace profile as equal to your "real" website. For example, it is important to be aware of your websites' statistics such as visitor count, referring sites, and keywords. You'll want to cultivate good statistics on all of your sites.