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Adding Closed Captions to Your Video

You may be searching for a way to add proper closed captioning to your videos to make them accessible and follow the FCC's standards.

I've found a great way to generate standard compliant closed captions and also get a file that you can use to upload to different online platforms.

It may surprise you it requires no extra software - all you have to do is upload your video to either Vimeo or Youtube. Both of these video hosting sites offer closed caption editing software in the backend.

TV Commercials for Lawyers

A television commercial done right, with high production value and proper target marketing, has multiple benefits that can attract more and more prospective clients.

    Advertising on TV has an underlying message that your firm is successful at what it does, thus building trust in your practice. Your clients think "if they're on television, they have the money to advertise, so they must be winning cases."