Content Management Systems

Content is King

The more rich content your website has the better chances it has to attract your target market. To be more efficient and have better organization of your growing content it is helpful to have a Content Management System (CMS) in place.
Effectively Managed Content Leads to an Easily Updated Website

An easily updated website leads to more content. More content means more ways in which people will find your site. Content management is about organization, ease of use, and making your website more effective.
Tools for Your Success

During the development stage of your website, Elephant Room Media will set up the CMS (Drupal or Joomla, depending on your needs), and then we will teach you the system, enabling you to cost effectively update and change your site. Elephant Room Media can provide you with robust, big websites that can handle a community of users and allow you to easily manage and update content. Businesses can attract more customers with fresh continually updated content and enhanced communication with clients. Schools can easily disperse important information to their students, staff, and parents. And Churches can grow and nurture their congregation with open communication.