Content is Expensive

What They Don't Tell You About Content

There is a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) material out there that perhaps is "cashing in" on the get rich quick motif:

One of the most powerful steroids for your website's SEO is to get inbound links from external sites. Well, how do you do that? EASY! All you gotta do is write great content that people are attracted to and find valuable and interesting enough to share with their audience. Your content just has to be the best on the subject, and outshine all other websites centered on your very topic.

Not necessarily.

There are two paths to generating content:

    Writing the content yourself.
    Getting someone else to write the content.

And writing the content yourself breaks down into two methods:

    Researching your topic, finding out what is hot in your industry, writing and editing your piece and publishing it and getting it out there in front of an audience and asking people to share the article and doing this routine daily or in the very least weekly.
    Write something short, simple and quick, almost without any thought.

You're either spending money or you're spending time.
Which are you willing to spend?

The answer lies in the size of your company and its budget.