TV Commercials for Lawyers

A television commercial done right, with high production value and proper target marketing, has multiple benefits that can attract more and more prospective clients.

    Advertising on TV has an underlying message that your firm is successful at what it does, thus building trust in your practice. Your clients think "if they're on television, they have the money to advertise, so they must be winning cases."

    If you are a lawyer whose clientele is the general public (family law, criminal law, insurance), television is one of the most effective places to put advertising because it's where your target market is.

    If your competition has a commercial, then it is essentially imperative to have one also. If your competition doesn't have a commercial, having one would put you miles ahead.

    Advertising is about front of mind. Being the first law firm someone thinks of when they need your services. A television commercial is repeated over and over again throughout the day. The repetition will slowly drill into the clients' minds. Over and over again. Your firm's name will be at the forefront of their thoughts. The instant they need a lawyer, they will only think of you.

Quality is important

We are a production company that stops at nothing to give the best commercials. Cheesy commercials and low quality production standards can actually hurt your image and chances to gain the respect of prospects. That repetitive nature of television will have a negative effect, if your commercial is produced poorly. People will cringe when your commercial plays.

    Don't rely on gimmicks or novelties. Some lawyers come off like used car salesmen. This does not build trust. Gimmicks and cheesy graphics and themes seem like you're trying to cover up some sort of inadequacy. People may remember your name, but not in the good way. They'll know who to avoid.

    People respond to stories. Get your past clients to give their story on camera. Testimonials are instant credibility. Word of mouth advertising is the best form of marketing and testimonials are just that - Word of Mouth advertising.

    The higher the perceived production value of your commercial the more trust it will convey. For the same reason even having a commercial breeds trust, a well produced commercial will communicate a successful law firm. A successful law firm is one that a lot of people use and one that wins a lot of cases. If the commercial looks expensive, people will think that law firm knows what they are doing.

Lawyer Advertising on Television
When you hire Elephant Room Media, not only will you receive a television commercial that will get your name in your prospective clients' minds and gain their trust, you will also acquire marketing consulting and our commitment to provide a commercial you can be proud of.

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~ Josh