Content is Expensive

What They Don't Tell You About Content

There is a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) material out there that perhaps is "cashing in" on the get rich quick motif:

One of the most powerful steroids for your website's SEO is to get inbound links from external sites. Well, how do you do that? EASY! All you gotta do is write great content that people are attracted to and find valuable and interesting enough to share with their audience. Your content just has to be the best on the subject, and outshine all other websites centered on your very topic.

Not necessarily.

Content Marketing on the Internet

First off, content is king. Basically, your site has to look like it knows what it's talking about, well actually it has to prove that it knows what it's talking about. The more valuable content you have on your site the more valuable your site will inherently become. Google likes big sites with a lot of rich content. Content is your first step, but it should be a never ending process in maintaining your site. After your core pages, (Home – About Us – Contact Us, etc.) you should implement someway to consistently update content.

Online Video

Posting your videos online is a cost effective way of advertising your business as opposed to buying commercial time on television.

Some benefits to online video are:


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Web Services

Your website can do more than you think.

Don't let one of the most powerful tools you have go to waste. When you are looking for web designer/developer, you need someone who is reliable, creative, and motivated. Talking to businesses around Columbia and Lexington, we've found a lot of them are unsatisfied with their site and the way it's handled.

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