Original Photography for Your Business

Do you want to show people the unique face of your business? Do you want to display your services in an attractive way?

Your business is unique.

The brand and the image that you present to the community should reflect this uniqueness. If you use stock photos, your marketing material and website will look and feel like other business' websites. Oddly enough, stock photography can end up even costing more; some of those stock image sites are expensive!

Event Photography

Your organization is active in the community. You have fundraising events and other get-togethers.

Getting pictures of the activities and people is a great way:

  • to remember the event
  • to show your clientele and others how active your organization is
  • to decorate and add interest to your website and social media
  • to have images for print advertising
  • and to promote future events


Baby Photography

Your baby grows up fast. Every moment is special. Capture special occasions with a professionally done photo shoot.

We can provide studio style baby photographs or take candid style photos on location for birthday parties or any occasion you're celebrating.

Here is a little guy's one year birthday:

Pet Photography

You love your pet! Animals are the best.

Taking pictures of pets and animals may be our favorite type of photography. We love capturing their cuteness and even goofiness on camera.

We can do studio style pictures, but we find some of the best results are taking photos of the animals at their own home. It's less stressful for them and you. And you get more personal and original portraits.

We love all animals! Dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, snakes, lizards, you name it! So call us today to set up an appointment!


All of your marketing materials, across the board, will benefit from original professional photography of your services, products, and/or crew.

If you have a new website (or an already established one) and you need more content to freshen it up and for SEO purposes - we can come to an event, or a current project you are working on, or just set up a special photo shoot within your office. You will get high quality, eye catching, professional photographs to use, not only on your website, but in all your marketing.