Indcon Inc

We have been working with Indcon Inc for years, and we love them!

We began our journey with them with a funny video project, that the wonderful owner Tony Atkins performed in.  Tony is a great business man and he is constantly coming up with new ideas to improve Indcon and the end result for his clients.


We are proud of this website design:

Web Development

Get your website noticed.  Not only will your web design look great and meet your high standards, but all the behind the scenes coding will follow best practices across all web areas of focus:

Which CMS - Drupal or Joomla

We personally believe both Drupal and Joomla are pretty equal in what they can do. They both are robust systems that are ever evolving and have tons of add on modules and extensions to further enhance their capabilities. Further more, we have the ability to manipulate the source code to our hearts' content. With that in mind, they could be virtually the same. You can always adjust the code to add to whatever the CMS lacks.

Does size matter?

Content Management Systems

Content is King

The more rich content your website has the better chances it has to attract your target market. To be more efficient and have better organization of your growing content it is helpful to have a Content Management System (CMS) in place.
Effectively Managed Content Leads to an Easily Updated Website

An easily updated website leads to more content. More content means more ways in which people will find your site. Content management is about organization, ease of use, and making your website more effective.
Tools for Your Success


We offer cost effective ecommerce solutions for your online store.  Elephant Room Media can help you through the e commerce steps of planning your online business, website design, and development.

Our ecommerce services include the following: